Dear potential Chief Executive,

Welcome to our search for the right person to take a leading role in a county with not just a regional, but a national and indeed global reputation.

Cambridgeshire is a big county with big ambitions.  As well as being richly endowed with natural assets – with a unique landscape which harbours a rich diversity of  species, Cambridgeshire’s people are innovative and entrepreneurial. Its businesses are at the forefront of the  new industrial revolution, and its academic offer is world-beating.

These are exciting times for anyone who joins the County Council – with a new Joint Administration already working collaboratively and effectively on a clear vision for its future.

We are a county of contrasts and enormous potential -  from the academic and biotech focus of Greater Cambridge, and the strong manufacturing sector around Peterborough, to the agriculture and agri-tech economy of the Fens. It is also a complex county politically. Together with Peterborough we form a key part of the CPCA Combined Authority, while the districts of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire are our partners in the Greater Cambridge Partnership city deal.

Climate change is a major challenge here in Cambridgeshire as elsewhere in the world, not least because water management has been key to much of our low-lying county for the last five hundred years. We are taking a leading role in the fight, as a founder member of the UK100 Countryside Climate Network. We have recently committed to bring forward our targets for reaching Net Zero, revitalised our innovative programme of green energy investments,  and aim to use our management of the UK’s largest county farms estate to good effect.

We also have a clear understanding of the problems we have to face and overcome. Cambridgeshire’s contrasts are both its greatest potential strength and its greatest potential weakness. High growth, technological change, shifts in employment sectors, unequal distribution of income and greater concentrations of wealth in some parts of the county  are all factors that contribute to rising inequality in our  communities.  We need to establish the council on a firm financial footing, enabling us to address the inequalities that have persisted across the county, to deliver change and ensure that Cambridgeshire’s economic prosperity is more fairly shared.

If you are someone who feels they would relish this opportunity,  I look forward to meeting you.

Cllr Lucy Nethsingha

Councillor Lucy Nethsignha


Cambridgeshire County Council